Gestion de la livraison des colis

Recevez toutes vos livraisons.

Simple courier access.

Our Entry System is the only video intercom system that grants building access to all major couriers simply by scanning the package. so parcel delivery providers can always get in when they need to.

Scanning delivery parcel
Parcel delivery room

Your solution to parcel management.

Avoid overflowing stacks of boxes and help keep parcel deliveries safe. With our Parcel Room Program, you get a more cost-effective alternative to parcel lockers that also offers more storage per square foot. Simply add a second Entry System to the entrance of any room to easily repurpose it into a secure Parcel Room.

Rejoignez les centaines de développeurs utilisant 1VALET pour augmenter leur NOI.

How it Works

Get started with 3 easy steps.


Parcel Scan

Scan package at lobby Entry System


Parcel Delivery

Complete delivery sequence at package room Smart Entry System


App Notification

Resident receives delivery notification on 1VALET Resident App

Smart parcel locker solutions.

We’ve partnered with package locker companies Snaile & LocKourier to offer end-to-end courier access and secure storage for parcel deliveries. Once in the building, couriers can deposit the deliveries into one of the smart package lockers. After receiving their delivery notification on the 1VALET Resident App, residents can head down and collect their packages.

Man opening door delivery parcel

Les bâtiments intelligents simplifiés

Nous avons une solution pour chaque bâtiment – grand ou petit, neuf ou rénové.

Des bâtiments intelligents simplifiés.

Nous avons une solution pour chaque bâtiment – grand ou petit, neuf ou rénové.