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Package Delivery
Package Locker Systems & Package Rooms

Make package delivery, storage, and retrieval easy for residents and staff.

Choose the package delivery solution that’s right for you.

Package Room

Avoid overflowing stacks of boxes, reduce package theft and get more storage per square foot. 

Package Lockers

We integrate with smart package locker systems to help you eliminate clutter and securely store deliveries.

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Virtual Package Lockers

Package delivery system for communities without space for a package room or lockers.

Your multifamily package delivery solution.

As e-commerce grows, so do package delivery volumes, leaving your building staff overwhelmed. 1VALET’s patented Package Scanning Technology and smart package room solution make managing your multifamily package deliveries effortless by streamlining package management, eliminating clutter and reducing the risk of theft.

a woman picking up her package delivery
a courier scanning a package at a 1VALET video intercom

Simple courier access.

Our video intercom features patented Package Scanning Technology, allowing couriers to temporarily access buildings by scanning package barcodes. This technology verifies the package and courier, providing secure access control and entry to the building. Packages can then be left in a package delivery locker system or securely stored in a designated package room.

Smarter package storage.

Avoid overflowing stacks of boxes and help keep package deliveries safe. Our smart package room offers more storage per square foot than a traditional package delivery locker, making it a more cost-effective alternative. Simply add a second video intercom to the entrance of any room to easily repurpose it into a secure and smart package room.

A package room with package deliveries

Join the hundreds of developers using 1VALET to increase their NOI.

How it Works

Automated building package deliveries in 3 easy steps.


Package Scan

Scan package at lobby video intercom


Package Delivery

Complete delivery to package room via the room’s video intercom


Resident App Notification

Resident receives delivery notification to their phone with retrieval instructions

Package storage locker solutions.

We’ve partnered with package locker systems like Snaile, LocKourier, and Expedibox to offer secure storage for package deliveries. Couriers can deposit deliveries into the package delivery locker system within the building, and residents can collect them after receiving a delivery notification on the 1VALET Resident App.

a package in a package locker

Smart buildings made simple.

We have a solution for every building – big or small, new or retrofit.

Smart buildings made simple.

We have a solution for every building – big or small, new or retrofit.