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Apartment WiFi

Find out today how much you can increase your rent by with with apartment WiFi as an amenity. It’s free and takes less than a minute.

Get Higher NOI with Apartment WiFi

93% of apartment residents rank high-speed internet as a vital building amenity, but only 10% of buildings actually provide community-wide WiFi.

Give residents the amenities they really want and increase your Net Operating Income with WiFi as an amenity. By offering WiFi as an amenity, you give your residents instant access to property-wide high-speed internet that securely connects them to their community, differentiates your building, and lets you boost rental rates.

Drive demand for your community, increase your NOI, and set the building blocks for a connected community with apartment WiFi


of apartment residents rank high-speed internet as a vital building amenity



of buildings actually provide community-wide WiFi


Why Community-Wide WiFi?

Traditional single-family broadband solutions deployed in most apartment buildings today are costly to your resident and are limited to in-unit Wi-Fi.

By leaving WiFi up to your tenants, you’re not only forcing them to pay more for their internet, you’re also creating a building with tens, if not hundreds, of individual WiFi networks. While this might sound great, with WiFi, more doesn’t mean better.

With so many individual networks, WiFi signals end up competing with each other, causing interference and slow connections. It also limits connectivity to the suite, meaning residents lose their WiFi access whenever they leave their unit.

With apartment WiFi as an amenity, your residents get fast, reliable, building-wide internet access that maximizes connectivity wherever they go, and helps save on their monthly internet bill.

Don’t force your residents to pay a premium for traditional single-family internet solutions that limit connectivity to the suite. Get community-wide apartment WiFi that gives residents the connected apartment they want, simplifies their billing, and puts money back in their pockets.

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Drive demand for your community, increase your NOI, and set the building blocks for a connected apartment with WiFi as an amenity.

Make More Money.

Community-wide apartment WiFi lets you boost your rental rates while providing a competitive advantage that drives demand for your community.

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Charge more per month.

By including WiFi as an amenity and lowering your residents’ internet bills, you’re able to drive demand for your community and boost monthly rental rates.

Happier Residents

Your residents get secure, high-speed internet that isn’t limited to their suite, and keeps them connected anywhere in the building. Simple billing embedded directly within their monthly rent also helps eliminate hidden fees or charges.

Future-Proof Solution

Community-wide apartment WiFi lays the foundation for a future-proof, connected apartment experience that will continue to evolve, even as your building ages.

Future-Proof Solution

Community-wide apartment WiFi helps set the foundation for a more connected apartment experience by allowing you to easily transform your building into a smart building, without costly capital expenditures.

With a building-wide network infrastructure, you can easily add WiFi-enabled smart home devices through your community. This eliminates the need for hubs, and allows you the freedom to add or remove components as technology evolves. 

Now you can future-proof your building, and easily add smart building platforms like 1VALET that streamline your operations and help save you time and money.

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Built For You and Your Residents.

Move-In Ready

Don’t wait for internet. Give your residents high-speed internet service from the moment they move in.

Reliable High-Speed Internet

Give your residents fast, reliable internet so they can stream, game, and conference with confidence.

Building-Wide Connectivity

Residents get secure connectivity to their own private network anywhere throughout the building.

Simplified Billing

Simplified billing embedded directly within their monthly rent helps lower monthly costs and eliminate hidden fees.

Privacy and Security

Users remain on their own secure networks throughout the building, ensuring their data remains private.

IoT Network Foundation

Eliminate the need for hubs, easily add WiFi devices, and begin transforming your building into a smart building.

Smart buildings made simple.

We have a solution for every building – big or small, new or retrofit.