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Smart solutions for better living

Elevate every day and give residents the convenience of a smarter living experience

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Live differently

Elevate Resident Living

Make every day memorable and give residents the convenience of a smart living experience.

Tighten Building Security

We simplify complex building security, so you can keep out unauthorized guests and keep your community safe.

Minimize Capital Costs

Our Wi-Fi based platform eliminates the need for costly infrastructure, so you can modernize your building fast, for less.

Start living smarter

Simplify day-to-day living and eliminate your residents’ biggest challenges.

Security you can count on

We supplement your building’s most vital security components to help keep your community safe and secure.

Data protection

Ensure all your personal data remains protected with bank-level data encryption.

  • Proactive protection against data theft
  • Data is stored and hosted locally for tighter monitoring
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Man scanning package for delivery
Package delivery notification

Building-wide visibility

Integrations with security cameras give staff real-time visibility throughout your building.

  • Staff can visualize and track every access event in your building.
  • Tie together clips for faster incident reporting

Guest verification

See who’s at the door, before letting them into the building.

  • Video calling from intercom to 1VALET Resident App
  • View, chat, and verify guests from anywhere
Phone app for unlocking building doors
Person on a video call with a building intercom system

Access logs

Give staff the tools to visualize and track every access attempt into your building.

  • Access logs are tied to your access control systems
  • Monitor every successful (and unsuccessful) access event

Live differently for less

Experience the benefits of a smart living solution without paying a fortune for costly wiring or infrastructure requirements.

Minimize capital costs

With a mostly software-based solution, you can start living smarter for less.

  • Eliminates need for costly building or in-unit wiring
  • Minimal hardware requirements (only Entry System required)

Reliant on Wi-Fi

Our Wi-Fi based platform makes 1VALET a more cost-effective solution for every building type.

  • Building-wide connectivity without the need for in-suite hubs
  • Add new components seamlessly as time goes on

Easy installation

We make outfitting your building fast and easy.

  • Resident self-onboarding for quicker adoption
  • Video intercom only requires connection to power and internet

Access Management

Get the benefits of an online access control system without changing your existing doors or locks with SALTO Space.

  • Outfit existing door locks with wireless battery-powered smart locks
  • Up-to-date credential management with Data-on-Card

Smart buildings made simple.

We have a solution for every building – big or small, new or retrofit.