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Access Control

Secure access control solutions for apartment buildings and condos.

Get the access control solutions you need.

1valet access control salto

Access Control

Get secure, easy-to-manage access control solutions for building doors, common areas and suites.

1valet access control fob management

Fob Management

We’ve centralized fob management so you can easily administer and track building access.

elevator access control 1valet

Elevator Access Control

Easily manage who can call your building’s elevators and what floors they can access.

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Garage Access Control

Unlock the garage and other doors from your vehicle without reaching for your fob or phone.

Get smarter access and safer buildings

Our platform unifies all building access control systems into one place, easing management of permanent or temporary access credentials for residents, staff, and visitors. Be in control of what doors can be accessed and when, and always know who’s entering your building.

1valet access control management
yardi integration access control 1valet

Automate fob management with YARDI

Streamline fob management with our YARDI integrations, automatically syncing resident information to automate tasks and eliminate manual data entry. Our centralized platform also simplifies administering and tracking building access, ensuring you’re always informed about entries.

Integrate with industry-leading access control solutions

We integrate with a number of industry-leading access control providers, including Salto and Kantech. Our carefully selected integrations allow you to manage all of your building’s access control systems in one place, and save the cost of an online access control system.

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access control cctv camera integration 1VALET

See the bigger picture

Our property management software intuitively integrates your access control and CCTV cameras by adding contextual buttons to your security camera feeds. These buttons let you control what your camera sees, allowing you to unlock doors, call elevators, and reboot cameras from anywhere.

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Never miss an unexpected visitor

Access logs are tied to our access control systems, tracking every successful and unsuccessful attempt to gain entry to your building. Know exactly who is trying to enter your property and when.

1valet access logs
cctv cameras video playback 1VALET

Capture every crucial moment

Video playback ensures you never miss a moment by letting you rewatch and download past footage from your security cameras directly from our property management software portal. Filter by camera and time, easily piece together security investigations, and always keep your residents safe.

Floor-by-floor elevator access management

Elevators provide access to every floor in your building, making elevator access control critical for overall building security. Our solution integrates access control and our video intercom for floor-by-floor access, ensuring you are in control of what floors can be accessed.

1valet elevator access control
1VALET apple car play android auto

Unlock doors from your vehicle

Unlock the garage and other doors from your vehicle, without reaching for your phone or fob key. SALTO Car Tag integrations enable hands-free garage access simply by driving up to it, while Android Auto and Apple Car Play integrations let you unlock doors using your car’s navigation system.

Open every door with one universal key

Building staff and residents can unlock every door using one universal key, either via key fob or their 1VALET Resident App. Control of smart door locks and access control systems is centralized within our management portal, making it easy to manage the security of your buildings and saving you thousands on annual rekeying.

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Smart buildings made simple.

We have a solution for every building – big or small, new or retrofit.

Smart buildings made simple.

We have a solution for every building – big or small, new or retrofit.