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Call-by-Suite: Prioritize Call Recipients

  • 03/08/2024
  • 2 minute read

Welcome to another 1VALET feature update. This week, we’ve made some improvements to our Call-by-Suite feature. Now residents and staff have better control over who receives entry system calls when a guest or courier chooses to call a suite instead of a specific resident from the entry console or parcel room. 

We have also made improvements to QR code brightness on the Resident App, as well as introduced a new Apple watch functionality to help make it even easier for residents to seamlessly access the building.


Call-by-Suite Improvements


Previously, when a guest or visitor called a suite with multiple residents using the Entry System (video intercom), our system would call the first resident in the suite alphabetically.

This led to residents being uncertain about who would receive the calls or thinking they weren’t receiving calls at all, when another resident in their suite was actually receiving them.

Now, both staff and the residents can see and change who the person is that will be receiving those calls. Staff can see and change this from the Suites screen.



Residents can view and change this selection from their “Call Settings”


call-by-suite : Resident App settings


For Rental buildings, as of today, we set the current recipient to be the “primary resident” as selected in 1VALET on the resident screen.

For condo buildings, as of today, we set the current recipient to the first person in alphabetical order out of the residents in the suite.

If any updates are made to who is selected , either by staff or a resident, the new person will be informed via a mobile app push notification so they are aware.

Lastly, please keep in mind that if a resident name is directly selected from the entry console directory, that resident will still receive the call, regardless who is set as the call-by-suite recipient.


QR Code Entry Improvements


Viewing a QR code now temporarily increases the brightness of the phone to 100%. This should make it easier for the code to get scanned by the reader.


Apple Watch Improvements


Apple watch now supports digital fobs. The functionality is identical to the digital fob on a phone.

Please note that low-power fob readers may need the user to hold the device closer to the reader, and for a longer period of time.



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