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Simplify Multi-Building & Shared Spaces Access with Only One Video Intercom

  • 06/12/2024
  • 2 minute read

Welcome to another 1VALET feature update. This week, we are introducing an update that will simplify building access by allowing communities with shared spaces and/or multiple towers to utilize a single video intercom for access. 


Unlock Shared Spaces with One Video Intercom


Previously, in instances where communities had multiple towers or shared spaces, users would be required to have one Smart Entry System (video intercom) per door or entrance. Now with our latest improvement, a single video intercom can be configured to control access for multiple buildings.
This is particularly beneficial for communities with multiple towers, or communities that have shared amenities like package rooms or lobbies. Not only does this save time for building staff by simplifying access control management, but it also provides residents, guests and couriers with a streamlined and straightforward access experience. 

Smart Entry System Updates


To help make this experience as easy as possible, we have also updated existing features on the Smart Entry System to reflect these new multi-building capabilities. 

1. Call Concierge : When using the “call concierge” feature, a popup will appear, asking which building you’d like to call. This ensures residents and/or guests are connected to the right concierge without confusion.

2. Facial Entry: For facial entry, you’ll be prompted to select the building you’re entering before the system verifies your identity. This adds an extra layer of security and specificity.

3. Resident Directory Calling: When calling a resident using the directory, you’ll be prompted to select the appropriate building first. The system then displays the resident listings specific to that building.


Streamlined Package Delivery


This new improvement also enhances the package delivery process for both couriers and residents.

Couriers can view and select residents or suites from all buildings associated with the particular Smart Entry System they are interacting with. This centralizes the delivery process, saving couriers time and making deliveries quicker and more efficient.

For residents, the process of collecting packages remains unchanged. Upon successful delivery, residents will receive a package delivery notification with collection instructions and a unique code on their 1VALET Resident App. From there they can use that code at the Smart Entry System to gain access to the package room.


Access in Offline-Mode 


These new improvements are also supported in offline mode, allowing residents to still collect packages and unlock doors if there is a power outage or loss of connectivity. 



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