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Sustainable Living: How 1VALET’s Smart Video Intercom Helps Reduce Carbon Emissions and Enhance Sustainability

  • 04/22/2024
  • 3 minute read

In a time where environmental impact and sustainable living are at the forefront of global discussions, every effort, no matter how small, contributes to the greater goal of reducing carbon emissions.

One area that often goes overlooked is the logistics involved in package delivery. Particularly, the carbon footprint associated with failed delivery attempts and subsequent redeliveries, especially to multifamily apartments and condominiums. 


Understanding the Carbon Footprint of Redelivery:


The traditional method of multifamily package delivery often involves multiple delivery attempts, especially in cases where recipients are unavailable to receive their packages. Each failed delivery attempt not only incurs additional costs for the delivery companies but also contributes significantly to carbon emissions. Every extra trip made by delivery vehicles adds to traffic congestion and air pollution, ultimately exacerbating environmental impacts and concerns.

In fact, missed deliveries make up a significant 10-15% of all parcel deliveries, leading to millions of unnecessary miles driven every year. With an average emission rate of 0.43 kg of CO2 per mile for a single delivery van, the environmental impact quickly adds up.

For example, if a delivery vehicle travels an additional 10 miles per day for redelivery, it emits an extra 4.3 kg of CO2 daily. When you consider the thousands of delivery vehicles worldwide, the environmental consequences become clear.


Sustainable Living – Revolutionizing Package Delivery with 1VALET:


1VALET is revolutionizing the way package deliveries are managed in multifamily apartment buildings and condominiums. Found within our innovative smart Video Intercom, our patented Package Scanning technology provides delivery couriers with first time delivery into multifamily buildings, simply by scanning the package.


Smart entry system



From there, couriers from delivery companies such as Amazon, FEDEX, USPS, Canada Post, etc can safely deliver the packages (the first time) into our secure Package Room, or deposit it them into one of our integrated smart lockers.  This package delivery sequence promotes first-time delivery, eliminates multiple trips for redeliveries, and helps keep carbon emissions from deliveries to a minimum. 


Environmental Impact of 1VALET Package Scanning:


The adoption of 1VALET’s package scanning technology has tangible benefits for the environment and sustainable living:


  • Reduced Vehicle Emissions: By minimizing the number of failed delivery attempts and optimizing package pickup processes, 1VALET helps reduce the overall mileage traveled by delivery vehicles. This translates to lower carbon emissions and improved air quality in urban areas.


  • Traffic Congestion Reduction: With fewer delivery vehicles making repeated trips to residential multifamily buildings and condo buildings, traffic congestion is reduced, leading to smoother traffic flow and decreased fuel consumption. This not only benefits the environment but also enhances the overall efficiency of transportation networks.


  • Resource Optimization: By streamlining package delivery and pickup operations, 1VALET enables delivery companies to allocate their resources more effectively. This includes optimizing route planning, vehicle utilization, and manpower, further minimizing their environmental footprint.



1VALET package scanning

Package Scanning at the 1VALET Smart Video Intercom


The Future of Sustainable Package Delivery:


As sustainable living practices continue to be a top priority for businesses and consumers alike, innovative solutions like 1VALET’s Video Intercom and patented Package Scanning technology are paving the way for a more environmentally conscious approach to logistics. By addressing the inefficiencies present in traditional delivery processes, these technologies not only reduce carbon emissions, but also enhances the resident experience by ensuring they receive their packages the first time, every time.



To learn more about how 1VALET can help you boost your property revenues and create safer, smarter communities, visit https://1valet.com/book-a-demo/