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Virtual Package Lockers – Package Delivery Without Package Rooms or Lockers

  • 01/10/2024
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Is a lack of space for a package room or package lockers making package delivery management in your multifamily building difficult? Introducing Virtual Package Lockers, the latest addition to our 1CONNECT Portal.

Virtual Package Lockers allows property managers and staff to track and manage building deliveries without a dedicated Parcel Room or package lockers. For buildings that are tight for space, this provides a comprehensive package delivery management solution without the need for costly infrastructure.


Virtual Package Lockers


Virtual Package Lockers allow staff to track and manage deliveries in buildings that do not have a 1VALET Parcel Room or physical parcel lockers on site. You can access your Virtual Lockers by visiting the Smart Lockers tab under Suites & Spaces.


Virtual Package Lockers on the 1CONNECT Portal


This latest addition allows you and your team members to enter a list of suites that have received deliveries. Each of those deliveries will create a virtual locker compartment in the 1CONNECT Portal. Residents will also get notified that a delivery was made, and are asked to pick up their delivery.

To help avoid clutter, residents are automatically notified and reminded if their delivery is not picked up in a timely fashion.
Once the parcel is picked up by the resident, staff can mark the delivery as “retrieved” to indicate that the delivery was completed.



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