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“1VALET Provides Smart Home Amenities for High-Rise Living” – SecurityInfoWatch.com

  • 01/26/2022
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While the residential security market has been revolutionized in many ways by the proliferation of smart home technology, the primary focus and application for these solutions has centred around single-family homes. However, multi-family dwelling units (MDUs), such as apartments and condos, still represent a largely untapped market but that is quickly beginning to change as property managers look to the enhanced capabilities presented by today’s IoT devices to provide tenants with a safer and smarter living environment. One company that has been at the forefront of this movement is Canada-based 1VALET, which provides a platform ecosystem for the integration of various IoT systems within a high-rise building. According to Adrian Wang, Vice President of Business Development at 1VALET, the company was initially founded with the goal of helping to lower operational costs for property owners through technology that could provide remote access and control capabilities. Click HERE to read the full article  

  About 1VALET 1VALET is a smart building operating system that integrates IoT technologies to better connect  residents to their community, and easily convert any multi-family building into a connected smart  building. By centralizing building systems into one web-based dashboard and empowering tenants with a  Resident App, 1VALET can enhance resident engagement, increase NOI, and create safer, smarter  communities.