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1Valet entry system screen

“1VALET Unveils Smart Apartment of the Future” – CTV Ottawa

  • 02/06/2020
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OTTAWA — Technology is a major part of our lives and now Ottawa-based company 1VALET has integrated it into every aspect of what could be the apartment of the future. “[We wanted] to create a new standard, a smartphone-centric environment for residents here in the year 2020,” said Hugo Moreira, 1VALET’s Marketing Communications Manager. The company works with developers and property managers to infuse smart features into apartment buildings and units in an effort to make life easier and more convenient for residents. “The residents really benefit from it because they have one ecosystem that allows them to interact with the property manager and the concierge through our resident app experience,” said Rick Hardy-Cheam, VP of Sales & Marketing. To view the full article, visit ottawa.ctvnews.ca