Remote Property Management

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All your buildings. All in one place.

Choose a better way to manage. Our management portal combines all of your buildings and management systems into one online dashboard, so you can manage any building, at any time, from anywhere. Be more efficient, save time, and make quick work of your property operations.

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See the bigger picture.

We’ve combined all of your camera feeds into one dashboard, and added contextual buttons that let you control what your camera sees. View multiple streams at once, rewatch old footage, quickly reboot cameras and unlock doors remotely – all while watching over your building from anywhere.


Smarter access, safer buildings.

We’ve tied all of your access control systems together, so you’re in full control of who’s entering your building. Easily give out permanent or temporary access credentials for residents, staff and vendors while managing what doors they can access, and when.

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We’ve got you covered.

Things happen fast. Access logs keep track of every successful (and unsuccessful) access attempt, while video playback lets you rewatch and download past footage. This lets you keep your residents safe and your buildings secure, even when you’re not around.


Door locks made easy.

We integrate with smart door locks that work in offline mode, meaning they don’t need expensive infrastructures to function. This lets you easily replace your old locks and get all the functionality of smart door locks, without the hassle of costly wiring.

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Maximize Energy Savings.

Combine comfort and energy savings no matter where you are. Whether you’re looking to lower the temperature in vacant units to cut costs, or setting common rooms to the perfect temperature, our platform lets you manage all your smart thermostats remotely from one place.


Yardi Integration.

Get the most out of your property management software. Our integration with Yardi automatically syncs your resident list to our remote management platform, so you only have to manage your residents in one spot. Now you never have to worry about manual changes upon tenant turnover or duplicating efforts.

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Stay informed.

Never leave your residents out of the loop. Community messaging allows property managers and staff to send direct or building-wide messages directly to residents on their Resident App, so they’re always up to date with everything that’s going on. Send reminders, update them on building news, and always keep them informed.


All your keys, all in one app.

The 1CONNECT Management App enables property managers and staff to remotely unlock buildings doors – at any time, and from anywhere. Easily grant access to maintenance staff or vendors, and always have access to every building in your portfolio.

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