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We’d love to help you exceed your goals and start building safer, smarter communities.

1Valet entry systems

Smart Entry System

Smartphone Video Calling

1-way video calling from the Entry System to the Resident App allows residents to verify their guests and keep the community safe.

Facial Entry

Forgot your keys or phone? No problem. Opting into facial entry lets residents enter the building at the Entry System with only a smile.

Digital Key Access

Digital key cards embedded within the Resident App provide users with contactless building door access.

Parcel Scanning

Our Entry System is the only intercom system that grants building access to all major couriers simply by scanning the package.

Message Broadcast on Entry System

Keep things top of mind. Display building messages and reminders directly on the Entry System so residents always see them when they enter.

Virtual Concierge

Reduce your concierge costs. Centralize your concierge by rerouting Entry System calls from all your buildings to our web-based management portal.

Virtual Lockbox

Grant staff or vendor access from anywhere. Our Entry System acts as a virtual lockbox, allowing for customizable pin-code building access.

Resident Engagement App

Resident & Community Messaging

Send direct or building-wide messages to residents to keep them informed.

Document Library (DocBox)

DocBox grants residents 24/7 access to important documents like building rules, condo meetings minutes, etc.

Amenity Booking

Take the hassle out of managing amenity bookings. Our Resident App lets residents easily book amenities directly from their phone.


Receive exclusive offers from local service providers through a curated marketplace, specific to your particular community.

Ticketing System (Yardi Integration)

Residents can now send maintenance ticket requests directly to staff right from their phone.

Yardi Payment & Data Integration

Integrations with Yardi allow you to easily sync your resident list and data to our management platform.

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We’d love to help you exceed your goals and start building safer, smarter communities.

video screens with face call on smartphone

Virtual Concierge

Increasing HOA, condo fees and wages has turned the concierge into one of the highest OPEX for multi-family condos and purpose-built rentals.

1Valet reroutes all Entry System calls to our web-based portal, so you can centralize your concierge, reduce NOI, and increase your overall asset value.

  • Reduce operational expense
  • Eliminate or reduce concierge hours
  • One central concierge managing multiple buildings during non-peak hours

Parcel Room Program

1VALET’s Parcel Room Program requires less square footage than traditional package lockers, is a less expensive alternative, and virtually guarantees first time package delivery for residents and couriers.

  • 01Scan parcel box barcode at lobby Entry Console to gain entry into the building.
  • 02Go through delivery sequence at parcel room console and enter suite number.
  • 03Resident automatically notified of delivery via Resident App.
Canada Post, Loomis Express, Purolator, UPS, Fedex, Canpar, joeyco, DHL, Intelcom
remote property management software

Smart Community

Remote Property Management

Work smarter, not harder. We’ve combined all your building systems into one place, so you can remotely manage your communities and focus on getting more done.

Access Control Integration

We’ve tied all of your access control systems together, and added time-and-date stamped access logs, so you have full control and visibility of who’s entering your building, and when.

CCTV Camera Integration

Contextual buttons in each camera stream lets you control what your camera sees. Remotely unlock doors, call elevators, and easily reboot cameras in just one click.

Smart Door Locks

Gone are the days of carrying around multiple keys. Now, your residents can utilize their mobile device or key fob for universal building access, allowing them to enter their suite or navigate the building.

Smart Thermostats

Remote temperature control allows residents to manage their in-suite thermostat settings, while also giving property managers remote thermostat control capabilities.

Video Playback

Go back and view or download saved footage from your CCTV systems at any time. Filter by door, date, and time, and easily put together security investigations.

We’d love to help you exceed your goals and start building safer, smarter communities.

Parking Management

Digital Garage Access

Make garage access easy, without sacrificing security. Residents can use digital keys on their Resident App to unlock doors, or send text keys to their guests to let themselves in upon arrival.

Parking Management

Take the hassle out of guest parking. Now guests can easily register their themselves upon arrival simply by inputting their information into the P1 Entry System.

SALTO Garage Tags

Residents can now place SALTO garage tags in their vehicles, which act as digital keys and automatically open the garage door whenever residents approach.

Book Guest Parking

Finding vacant guest parking can be a hassle. Our Resident App allows tenants to book and register guest parking spots ahead of time, so visitors know exactly where to park when they arrive.

entrances with security access

Security & Access Control

SALTO Access Control

We’ve tied all your access control systems together so you’re always in control. Control access privileges for residents, staff and vendors while managing what doors they can access, and when.

CCTV Camera Integration

We’ve combined all your camera feeds into our web-based management portal, so you can watch all your buildings from anywhere. Remotely unlock doors, reboot cameras, and watch recorded footage.

SALTO Elevator Integration

We’ve integrated with your elevators, so you can dispatch and recall from anywhere. Easily set the elevator to service.

Security & Access Control

Smart Door Lock Integration

Whether physically with a key fob, or digitally with their phone, building staff and residents can now enter their suite using one universal key. Remotely rekey doors and save on rekeying costs.

Smart Thermostat Integration

Remote temperature control allows residents to change their temperature settings from anywhere, so they can maximize energy and cost savings.

door lock entry system and smart thermostat

We’d love to help you exceed your goals and start building safer, smarter communities.