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Video Intercom

A new video intercom system built for every apartment and condo building.

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Introducing our
Smart Entry System

Indoor Pedestal Video Intercom

43″ Indoor Pedestal

High-end entry console to make a great impression.

Indoor Wall-Mounted Video Intercom

22″ Indoor Wall-Mounted

Compact entry system for any building.

Outdoor Wall-Mounted Video Intercom

22″ Outdoor Wall-Mounted

Resistant to even the harshest environments.

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Greet guests from anywhere.

See who’s at the door, before letting them in. Smartphone video calling from the video intercom to the Resident App empowers your residents to help keep the building safe by allowing them to view and chat with guests before granting them access.

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Laptop entry system software with video call

Centralize your concierge.

On-site concierges can get expensive, especially if you have multiple buildings. Our video intercom reroutes all concierge calls to our web-based management portal, allowing one person to answer calls for all of your buildings. This helps you reduce concierge costs, and add thousands to your bottom line every year.

Eliminate missed packages.

Gone are the days of couriers not being able to enter your building. Our Entry System is the only video intercom system that grants building access to all major couriers simply by scanning the package, so you can help your residents get their package the first time, every time.

Parcel scanning

Join the hundreds of developers using 1VALET to increase their NOI.

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Enter with only a smile.

Forgot your keys or phone? No problem. Our platform allows residents to opt-in to facial entry on their Resident App, so they can easily access any door with a video intercom with only a smile.

Ditch your keys.

Minimize door contact and never worry about forgetting your keys again. Digital keys on the Resident App allows residents to unlock any entrance with a video intercom using just their phone. Digital access in the form of SMS text keys can also be shared with guests, so they easily enter the building as soon as they arrive.

App scanning software
Community app notification
Fire alarm testing notification

Communication is key.

Never leave residents out of the loop. Staff can display important building news or reminders directly on the video intercom system, so residents are always in the know with what’s going on in their community.

Smart buildings made simple.

We have a solution for every building – big or small, new or retrofit.

Smart buildings made simple.

We have a solution for every building – big or small, new or retrofit.