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1VALET video playback and community messaging software

1VALET Adds Video Playback & Community Messaging To Platform

  • 08/07/2020
  • 2 minute read

1VALET announced today the addition of two new features to its smart building platform – security video playback and community messaging. Featured within the Smart Community online property management portal, these additions are the latest in a long line of tools designed by 1VALET to help reimagine resident living and the property management experience.

Video Playback

1VALET’s online building management portal already centralizes all your cameras into one simple dashboard view. With the addition of Video Playback, now you can go back and view the recorded footage too, from anywhere you are.

Video playback main screen

Video Playback adds a number of new capabilities for operations staff and users, including the ability to:

  • Simultaneously view multiple CCTV (camera) recordings on the same dashboard
  • Simultaneously view building-wide recordings from a specific block of time
  • Filter by door or door group
  • Download any recording in .mp4 format

For building safety, this feature also makes clipping together and creating comprehensive security investigations easier than ever. The addition of this feature is just another way 1VALET is helping property management and operations staff ensure their building and residents remain as safe and secure as possible.

Community Messaging

Whether it’s telling a resident their package has arrived or wishing the whole community a happy holidays, Community Messaging allows property managers to send direct or building-wide messages straight to their residents’ mobile devices.

Received by residents on their Resident App, property managers can start creating their message by clicking on the “pencil” icon found in the top right corner of their online property management portal. From there, messages can be sent directly to an individual resident, to all the residents in a particular building, or every resident within a portfolio of buildings.

In the case of important announcements or reminders that property staff want residents to keep top of mind, messages can also be pushed to the Entry Console, where they will be displayed for everyone who enters the building.

With 1VALET, we’ve made communicating with your residents easier than ever.

To get a full demo of what the 1VALET Smart Building Platform can do for your building, click here