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[VIDEO] Guest Access: See How You Can Send Guests Access (Without Hubs)

  • 05/29/2024
  • 2 minute read

Recently, 1VALET and Salto Systems hosted “Unlocking Efficiency,” a webinar that showed asset managers, condo developers, and property managers across North America how to efficiently and cost-effectively implement smart access control solutions for their new or retrofit multi-family properties.

The joint solution from 1VALET and Salto Systems provides the tools to offer your residents safe and secure access to every door they need. It’s the quickest way to upgrade your existing access control system with an innovative smart access solution, delivering all the benefits of an online system without the need for hubs and expensive wiring.

During the webinar, the teams demonstrated 1VALET’s powerful guest access feature. 1VALET VP of Sales & Marketing Rick Hardy-Cheam used his Resident App to create and send a digital guest key to Salto Systems’ Residential Business Leader Preston Grutzmacher in real-time. 

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As the resident providing the guest access, Rick is able to customize the invite specifically for Preston. From there, he can select the doors Preston will have access to, as well as the date and times that those access privileges will be live for.

Depending on the particular building, door and its configuration, guests will either receive a unique code to use at the video intercom when they arrive, or they will be prompted to download the 1VALET Resident App before arrival to be able to use the guest access key they have received.

Preston, as a guest of Rick, instantly received the guest access key directly to his phone. With this key, Preston was able to unlock the garage door, and can now proceed to make his way into the building to visit Rick in his new smart apartment.

Check out the video below:




Want to learn more about the guest access feature and how to implement a smart access control solution for your new or retrofit property without big capital expenditures or spending money on wiring and hubs? Click the link below:




To learn more about how 1VALET can help you boost your property revenues and create safer, smarter communities, visit https://1valet.com/book-a-demo/