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URBN Lofts building

URBN Lofts Testimonial – Real Customers, Real Stories.

  • 11/30/2021
  • 3 minute read



Since 2013, Reid’s Heritage Properties (RHP) has been developing an ever-increasing portfolio of signature multi-family developments. Poised to address the need for new and modern rental housing accommodations, RHP developed URBN Lofts, a luxury rental residence offering upscale, maintenance free living in one of the most sought after neighbourhoods in Guelph, ON, Canada. With exceptional amenities, thoughtfully designed layouts  and elegant modern finishes, URBN Lofts has become a signature development for the community.


On top of the elegant aesthetics, RHP also wanted to create a unique experience for the residents of URBN Loft. They wanted to create connected smart housing that provided a higher level of convenience and peace of mind to tenants. RHP also wanted a smart housing platform that would help tackle some of their biggest challenges. With the rise of eCommerce, they wanted a solution to help manage the increasing number of package deliveries, without the need for a on-site concierge to oversee it all. They were also looking for something that would help streamline tenant turnover and the day-to-day property management at URBN Lofts.


With its end-to-end package management solution and remote property management capabilities, 1VALET’s Building Operating System (BOS) was the ideal solution for RHP. The addition of a Smart Entry System and Snaile Package Lockers made courier access and package management seamless. 1VALET’s Property Management Portal combined all of the subsystems in URBN Lofts into one web-based dashboard, allowing RHP to streamline management at the property. It also streamlined the tenant turnover process, allowing RHP to maximize rental revenues. The Call Concierge feature built into the Entry System allowed them to reduce staff hours on their concierge, by redirecting all concierge calls to the Property Management Portal. Residents at URBN Lofts also received the 1VALET Resident App, which connected them to their community and allowed them to digitally open doors, easily book amenities, and provide curated access to their guests in seconds. With 1VALET, Reid’s Heritage properties was able to successfully create the innovative smart housing project they envisioned. It streamlined their management, helped reduce operating expenses, and provided residents at URBN Lofts with a new and enviable standard of living. To learn more about why Reid’s Heritage Properties chose 1VALET for URBN Lofts, we sat down with their Director of Developments & Construction Melissa MacGregor, and talked about why 1VALET was the right choice for RHP.   Transcribed from Video:  

URBN Lofts is a luxury rental residence offering upscale maintenance free living for our tenants. What was really important to us was that we had a product that was going to last us for the foreseeable future. What made 1VALET a really simple choice was a singular app that both our property managers, as well as our tenants could use with the technologies we already had in the building. For our tenants, the integration of all the technologies onto one streamlined simple platform was key. And 1VALET really does accomplish this in a sleek way, where we love having a backend system that allowed them to have utility companies come by without them being there, scheduled visits from contractors without actually being onsite, which was incredible from an ownership standpoint, having the ability to market ourselves as forward-thinking. So really it took our building from a standard apartment into the luxury field. My absolute favorite part of working with the 1VALET team is their passion for both the client, but also for the end user. It gave us the ability to be creative in our building and know that their team would be there to back us up with their software. So our residents and our onsite staff have adapted really well to 1VALET both through the console, as well as through the app. They’re utilizing it for everything from entry to security systems, to amenity bookings, to picking up their parcels. I would say one of the incredible pieces of 1VALET is their customer experience. Deborah was really patient and clear with our tenants. She walked them through how to set up the app and also to use the console effectively. 1VALET’s ability to adapt and tailor their solutions to our needs in this particular building, and also looking to the future has been the most impactful. I would say from our team, 1VALET has exceeded our needs and our expectations, I think from the resident app to the sleek consoles and the integrated technologies that they were able to put together. 1VALET has clearly pushed our property from sort of a standard rental into a luxury market. And that really makes us ready for the future.

  To learn more about the 1VALET Smart Entry System or our entire BuildingOS, you can get in touch with our team here.