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Guests – Monitor and Track Residents’ Guest Invitations with New Guests Feature

  • 01/08/2024
  • 2 minute read

This week, we’re introducing Guests to the 1CONNECT Portal. With this new feature, you can monitor and keep track of the visitors that your residents invite into the community. This allows you to keep a better record of who has access to your building, and helps ensure your community remains as safe and secure as possible.




With the new Guests tab, you can keep track of the visitors that are invited by your residents. You can access the new feature by selecting the Guests tab located below Residents.


Guests tab on 1CONNECT Portal

Guests tab on 1CONNECT Portal


With Guests, you can view all current visitors and their access privileges. There are two categories: Guests with app access, and Guests with entry codes. The main difference is that those with app access can unlock doors using the 1VALET app while those visitors with entry codes will need to unlock doors using a numeric code they received from the resident.

The name and suite column for App Access shows the name of the guest and what suite they’re visiting. The name and suite column for Entry Codes shows the name of the resident who created the code, and which suite the resident lives in. Doors that the guest has access to will appear under the Doors column.


Guests 1valet with app access

List of Guests with 1VALET App privileges


Hovering over doors will show a tooltip that lists all the doors that they have access too. If their access has an end date, it will appear below the Access ends column. If it is blank, their access does not have an end date. Guest access can easily be revoked by selecting the Remove guest button underneath the Actions column. Depending on the category of guest, this will either revoke their 1VALET App privileges or disable their entry code.



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