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UNderground parking entrance

Hands-Free Parking – Simple Multifamily Parking Management

  • 07/27/2021
  • 2 minute read

Parking management and garage access are one of the biggest challenges faced by multi-residential communities. From managing vacancies to garage access for guests, these processes are often inefficient, tedious, and take away time from the things that matter. In many cases, simply granting garage access to guests can be a source of frustration. To take the hassle out of garage access for residents and guests, 1VALET has created a solution that makes garage access easy and hands-free, without sacrificing security.

Embedded within the 1VALET Resident App are digital key cards which allow residents to unlock building and suite doors from anywhere, using only their mobile phone. This allows residents to minimize contact as they enter or navigate through the building, and ensures they never have to worry about forgetting their keys again. These digital keys also extend to garage doors, which can also be opened using the same method. Now residents can pull up to the garage, open the door using their phone, and easily drive in. For even easier access, 1VALET has also integrated with SALTO garage tags, which act as key fobs for your car and automatically open the garage door whenever a resident’s vehicle approaches. This digital, hands-free parking access also extends to guests and visitors. Upon their guests arrival, residents can use these same digital keys to unlock and open the garage door for visitors. Alternatively, if the resident knows they might be away from their phone when the guest arrives, they can send an SMS text key to their guest for garage access. These texts act as digital keys as well, allowing the visitor access into the garage simply by replying to the text with the code provided in the original message. For those guests with voice-reply on their mobile device, it’s as easy as saying the entry code out loud. To learn more about hands-free digital parking and how we’re keeping smart simple, visit www.1VALET.com —— 1VALET has created an innovative smart building platform that combines software, hardware, and services to make condo and apartment complexes better places to live and work. Our patented smart entry system replaces your typical video intercom system, and grants mobile digital access along with facial entry and a number of other features. When paired with our resident application and building management portal, we’re able to connect a building’s most important capabilities, and create safer, smarter communities. To learn more, visit www.1VALET.com and book a demo.