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1Valet's intercom system in front entry

Intercom Systems in 2022 – Which is Best For You?

  • 11/20/2021
  • 4 minute read

Intercom systems are essential for multi-family apartments and condos. They curate building access, allow residents to verify guests, and provide a feeling of safety and comfort to residents in the building. Today, there are a wide array of different intercom systems to choose from. Whether you are updating your old intercom system or shopping for a new one, finding the perfect one can be a challenge if you do not have the information to help you ask the right questions. So, we examined six of the most popular intercom systems available today, compared their features, and created this guide to help you navigate your intercom journey.  

In this guide, we looked at:
  1. 1VALET
  2. SmartRent
  3. Swiftlane
  4. Latch
  5. ButterflyMX
  6. AIphone



1VALET is a smart Building Operating System (BOS) that combines hardware, software, and services to make residential buildings better places to live and work. Their innovative Smart Entry System is an intercom system that not only helps control building access, but also helps eliminate on-site concierge hours by rerouting Entry System calls to one remote web-based platform. Requiring only a connection to power and the internet for functionality, 1VALET’s Smart Entry System gives residents, guests, and staff more ways to enter their building, from digital entry with their phone to pin-code access. It comes in multiple sizes, and also has patented Parcel Scanning which grants seamless courier access and helps ensure your residents never miss another delivery.


Multi-family (Apartments & Condominiums) Co-Working Spaces Student Housing Gated Communities


Receives remote software updates to improve functionality and feature sets.
Manufactured in-house with 24/7 hardware support.
Patented Package Scanning for courier access.
Facial entry and pin-code building access.
Connects to 1VALET Resident App, which enables digital building access, SMS guest invites, and video-calling for guest verification.
Connects to 1VALET Property Manager Portal, which centralizes and connects all building systems into one web-based platform.
Easy to install; only requires connection to power and internet.
Built in UPS (uninterruptible power supply) in the event of a power outage.
In event of lost internet connectivity, Entry System shifts into offline mode which enables building access.
Accessibility mode for those with difficulty interacting with the screen.  

SmartRent ®

With a focus on home automation, SmartRent is a strong player in the single family access control industry. Their proprietary software integrates with multiple third-party hardware vendors to offer solutions for homeowners such as video doorbells, leak sensors, and smart locks.


Multi-family (Apartments & Condominiums) Single-family Student housing


Leak sensors and smart plug integrations.
Wide variety of access control hardware options.
Multi-family applications and uses,


Third-party hardware supplier which complicates servicing.
Property management solution for multi-family use is limited compared to others.
Integrations forcibly require connection to their home hub through Z-Wave, which means potential connection problems and higher installation costs.
Physical wiring into each suite required, which can be costly.

*1VALET does not claim to have any association with SmartRent ®


Swiftlane ®

Tired of balancing your laptop and coffee while trying to find a key to open the door? The team at Swiftlane has developed an intercom system that delivers physical security to their users.


Multi-family (Apartments & Condominiums) Enterprise and Office Commercial


Health check features that automatically records and submits employees’ temperature and COVID-19 related symptoms to manage a safe return to office.


Small intercom consoles that limit visibility and usability of the hardware.
Physical wiring into each suite required, which can be costly.
Little in terms of integrations with other hardware/software, ties you into Switflane’s ecosystem.

*1VALET does not claim to have any association with Swiftlane® 


Latch ®

With design as their priority, Latch has worked to offer visually appealing hardware solutions for many different applications.


Multi-family (Apartments & Condominiums) Enterprise and Office Commercial Single-family


Wide variety of smart locks with top of the line design.
Solutions for commercial office buildings


Intercom doesn’t support video capability
Hardware-focused, limits the longevity of your investment
Integration ecosystem isn’t as developed as other solutions, ties you into Latch’s hardware family
Small screens limit the user’s visibility and usability of the hardware

*1VALET does not claim to have any association with Latch ®


ButterflyMX ®

Founded in 2015, ButterflyMX made it its mission to “empower people to open and manage doors with a smartphone”.


Multi-family (Apartments & Condominiums) Student housing Self-storage facilities


Consoles have 7” and 12” sized screens which make them easy to fit in spaces where space is limited.


Intercom system has no built in UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) in the event of a power outage.
Package management solution only applies for when couriers are already in the building, no means of facilitating courier access into the building itself.
Smaller screens and interfaces may limit usability for some users.

*1VALET does not claim to have any association with ButterflyMX®


AIphone ®

With over 50 years of experience, Aiphone has been at the forefront of traditional intercoms for decades. Their main focus is on security, and they offer a wide variety of robust wired solutions for traditional intercom systems.


Multi-family (Apartments & Condominiums) Commercial & Federal


Robust wired solution for complex buildings that require above average or unique security features (I.E Correctional facilities).


Traditional intercom system that lacks many of the innovative feature sets of other competitors.
Limited in feature sets and integrations, focus is on security and access.
Requirement of physical wiring can make installation complicated and costly.

*1VALET does not claim to have any association with Aiphone ®



In summary, we created this quick graphic to show you how these different options stack up against one another.  


So, which one is the best video intercom system for your building? Well, it entirely depends on your needs. Whether you are looking for a traditional, no-nonsense  intercom system, or a more innovative one with a wider feature set, there are a number of solutions to fit every building and every need.   ——   1VALET has created an innovative smart building platform that combines software, hardware, and services to make condo and apartment complexes better places to live and work. Our patented smart entry system replaces your typical video intercom system, and grants mobile digital access along with facial entry and a number of other features. When paired with our resident application and building management portal, we’re able to connect a building’s most important capabilities, and create safer, smarter communities.

To learn more, visit www.1VALET.com and book a demo.