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1VALET To Exhibit Smart Building Platform at CES 2020

  • 12/18/2019
  • 2 minute read

There are many things that can make apartment or condo living less than desirable. Canadian proptech company 1VALET has reimagined multi-family dwellings, transforming them from a space to sleep and store things, into luxury experiences by providing tenants with tools to make living simpler and more convenient. At the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show, Booth 42125, 1VALET will unveil for the first time to the U.S. market its holistic smart building ecosystem. Attendees will exit the chaotic show floor and step into a futuristic building, teeming with intelligent features, that will define multi-dwelling living for the foreseeable future.

Behind the scenes, 1VALET has been able to take otherwise independent building components and management tasks and combine them into one intuitive, user-friendly building management solution. The platform simplifies and streamlines building management operations for new builds or retrofit projects, allowing users to provide a holistic resident experience that pushes the standard of multi-dwelling living. 

1VALET’s scalable and customizable smart building ecosystem incorporates several core components, including:

Entry System

Interactive and sleek touchscreen consoles replace conventional phone-booth-style intercom dialing in lobbies and vestibules. These highly intelligent entry systems provide frictionless building entry, while also enhancing building security. Smartphone video calling and access logs for all entry attempts informs users of who is attempting to enter the building, while facial recognition, virtual keys and pin codes provide keyless community access for residents, guests, and staff. As well, innovative parcel scanning reduces the amount of unsuccessful package deliveries, granting couriers with simple building access and allowing for easy drop-offs into the accompanying smart lockers. 

Resident App

1VALET has empowered residents with its solution, providing them with an intuitive Resident Application that eliminates the persistent hampering of keys, entry calls and maintenance appointments. The application itself acts as an entry key, granting users digital access to different entrances and doors within the community through digital key cards. The app can also be used to submit and schedule maintenance requests, book building amenities, connect residents via a community board, and even order best-in-class services directly to the dwelling via a Service Marketplace. Visiting guests can be sent virtual SMS keys to access the building, and alerts are immediately pushed to residents whenever packages are delivered. 

Management Portal

Managing one or multiple multi-family buildings has never been simpler with 1VALET. Their Property Management Portal allows building managers to access and manage any property remotely through an HD camera network dashboard. They can easily manage resident, guest or vendor access privileges, dispatch elevators to any floor, manage all vital building systems, and receive emergency alerts if building health components reach critical statuses. Even tenant turnover becomes a digital process through one-click door rekeying and resident information removal.

To experience the future of living, visit 1VALET at CES in the Venetian Sands Expo, Booth 42125. For more information, visit: www.1VALET.com

About 1VALET:

1VALET is a disruptive technology in the smart building space that is focused on creating a unified experience between users, residents and their property managers. By developing a comprehensive building management platform, 1VALET has created a unique solution that consolidates otherwise independent building components into one simplified, user-friendly platform. It has also developed a compelling, complimentary in-suite service marketplace platform which allows residents to purchase services and products and have them delivered to their suites. 

The 1VALET smart building solution also provides an unparalleled living experience for residents by giving them control of numerous in-suite components through a proprietary mobile application. From the sidewalk to the streets, 1VALET is connecting users to their building like never before.