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Add Individual Amenity Policies for Bookable Amenities

  • 04/11/2024
  • 2 minute read

Welcome to another 1VALET feature update. This week we’re introducing individual amenity policies, which allows operations staff to add individual amenity policies to each of their bookable amenities. We’ve also added some other functional and aesthetic changes to Amenities, as well as extended move-outs for Yardi buildings.


Individual Amenity Policies


You can now add individual amenity policies to each of your amenities. This includes amenities that already exist. To add a policy to an amenity, head to the “Manage amenities” page. After selecting an amenity to edit, click on select policy. A new window will appear, allowing you to select specific policies you’d like to add for that amenity.



You can now select multiple policies for each amenity. Note that the resident will need to agree to all the policies before booking. Residents must also update their Resident App to the latest version (iOS 3.37.0 and Android 3.0.457) to view new policies added.



You can also quickly manage your policies for different amenities through the “Amenity policies” page. The policies page can be found on the “Manage amenities” page. Click on the gear icon to begin editing the amenities that the policy is added to.


Other Amenity Updates


We have changed the default time range for the “Amenities” page from 30 days to all time. This update will make it easier to view and search amenities that are scheduled in the future.

We have also introduced a new design for the amenities section on the Resident App. This will make it easier for residents to rebook amenities.


Extended Move-Outs for Yardi Buildings 


If your building uses Yardi, before this update, move outs could happen at any time during the day if you ran a manual sync to update the resident list.

We have updated the process to flag the residents who are moving out and give them until midnight on their move-out day before they lose access to the building and the 1VALET app. If you need to move-out the resident sooner on their move-out day, you can use the MOVE OUT NOW button. This option is only available on the move-out date, which is still required to be managed in Yardi.





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