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amenity booking settings & other resident app improvements - april 2024

Amenity Booking Settings & Other Resident App Updates

  • 04/29/2024
  • 3 minute read

Welcome to another 1VALET feature update. This week, we are introducing new amenity booking settings, including a minimum advance notice setting and a maximum number of slots per booking setting. Additionally, we’ve made improvements to reduce repetitive entry of search terms or filters and implemented other minor improvements to enhance your 1CONNECT experience.


Minimum Advance Notice for Amenity Bookings


This setting will allow you to require a resident to book an amenity a minimum number of days in advance. This will help ensure you have enough time to book cleaners or perform other administrative tasks required to get an amenity ready for a booking. This setting is available on all amenities from the edit/create amenity screen.


Limit the Number of Consecutive Time Slots in an Amenity Booking


This setting will allow you to control how many consecutive time slots residents will be allowed to select in a single booking.
Prior to this, you could limit to one single slot per booking, or have no limit. This setting will help you more easily implement fair booking practices among the residents in your community and is available on all amenities from the edit/create amenity screen.

Search and Filters Remain Applied After Navigation


You’ll notice that you no longer have to re-enter search terms and applied filters when performing certain tasks like resident permission updates for from the resident screen.
For example, if you search for a resident or suite from the resident screen, and then edit that resident’s profile or access permissions, you will no longer have to enter that resident or suite number again in to the search when you navigate back to the resident screen after making the changes.
You’ll notice this approach is now applied to various locations around our property management software and we hope you find it helps you save time when doing various tasks across the portal.


Resident App Improvements


We added a search feature on the amenities screen of the Resident App so that residents can find a specific amenity faster than tapping through the categories to find it. This is especially helpful if you have an amenity that residents wouldn’t easily know to associate with one of the categories we have listed.


resident app improvements

Other Improvements


We have increased the character count on Incident Reports to 10,000 characters from 1500 so that you can write more descriptive incident reports without an issue!
Finally, we’ve made a change to the Fobs and access control codes tab to display all the regular fobs (not full access) by default. To see special full-access fobs, you can still apply that filter as required.


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