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Booking Limits by Suite & Scheduled Announcement Attachments

  • 04/15/2024
  • 2 minute read

Welcome to another 1VALET feature update. This week we’re introducing Amenity Booking limits by suite, which gives staff the ability to force booking limitations based on suite-wide usage rather than individual residents.

We’ve also introduced attachments for scheduled Announcements, and a few other improvements to improve the overall 1CONNECT property management software experience. 


Booking Limits by Suite


You can now configure any amenity to enforce booking limitations based on suite-wide usage as opposed to individual residents. Once configured for a specific amenity, any booking made by someone in the suite will contribute to the daily/weekly/monthly limit for that amenity.

Once the limit is reached for the time period, no one in the suite will be able to book that same amenity until the next time period. This provides you with enhanced control over existing booking limits in 1VALET, ensuring that everyone gets a fair opportunity to book amenities within your community.

You can quickly enable this change by setting the booking limitation option on the Edit page of an amenity to per suite. If you’d like it to keep working as it did previous to this release, you don’t have to change anything because the default will be set to per resident for all existing amenities.


booking limits by suite 1VALET


Scheduled Announcement Attachments


We’ve added the ability for you to add attachments to scheduled announcements. While creating a scheduled announcement, you can tap the add attachment paperclip button and voila, the attachments will be added to the announcement each time it is sent on the schedule.


scheduled announcements 1VALET


Filtered Announcement Recipients


We’ve improved the clarity regarding the recipients of your announcements. When an announcement you’ve created won’t be sent to specific individuals you’ve added by name due to applied filters, an icon will appear beside their name.
After hitting the send button, a new prompt will now appear to allow you to review any filtered recipients before sending the announcement. 


To learn more about how 1VALET can help you boost your property revenues and create safer, smarter communities, visit https://1valet.com/book-a-demo/