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Yardi Voyager – 5 Ways 1VALET Simplifies Property Management for Yardi Voyager Users

  • 05/25/2022
  • 3 minute read

In an effort to further simplify and enhance property management for customers, 1VALET integrated Yardi Voyager to its smart building platform.


What is Yardi Voyager?


Yardi Voyager is a comprehensive software platform that oversees operational, accounting, and ancillary services for residential and commercial building portfolios. Chosen by thousands of management companies worldwide, Yardi makes property operations easy for every portfolio size and type.


What is 1VALET?


1VALET is a building operating system (BOS) that combines hardware and software to create efficient multi-family buildings for residents and property management.

When coupled with Yardi Voyager, property managers get an end-to-end smart building solution that integrates both platforms into a centralized unit, making it easy to manage multi-residential properties at scale.

This native integration streamlines daily operations, and makes the addition of 1VALET’s BOS to a Yardi community seamless and quick.

Adding 1VALET’s smart building platform to a Yardi Voyager-enabled building simplifies property management and improves efficiency in the following five categories:

  1. Data Synchronization
  2. Scalability
  3. Resident Move-In/Move-Out
  4. Maintenance Ticketing
  5. Parking Management


1. Data Synchronization


The addition of 1VALET’s building operating system creates end-to-end visibility and control of the software and hardware within a Yardi-enabled building. This includes:


Eliminating the need to enter resident information twice, 1VALET’s native integration automatically pulls and synchronizes important resident data from Yardi Voyager nightly. This ensures the resident information tied to a 1VALET platform stays current, and prevents any errors of duplication.

If a new resident needs to be added at the last minute, the platform allows for easy manual updates.

The integration also makes onboarding new residents into the 1VALET ecosystem seamless. When a new resident is added to a Yardi Voyager database, 1VALET begins the onboarding process by emailing or texting them their 1VALET Resident App setup credentials. This allows new residents to onboard themselves, to familiarize themselves with their Resident App, and to book service elevators for their move-in day.


2. Scalability


One of the biggest benefits of adding 1VALET to buildings is consolidating every building’s operations within the 1CONNECT Portal property management software.

This cloud-based dashboard provides visibility across all 1VALET-powered buildings, and when integrated with Yardi Voyager, allows end-to-end control of all buildings and their components, at any time, from any location.

As mentioned previously, the native integration with Yardi Voyager means that data is synchronized, and time to set up is drastically reduced, which can significantly save time when multiple buildings are added to the platform.


3. Resident Move-in/Move Out


Moving residents into and out of a building can be fraught with glitches and problems. Ensuring that the transition is seamless can take a lot of effort.

In buildings with Yardi Voyager enabled, adding 1VALET eases this transition.

Resident move-in and move-out dates are synchronized between Yardi Voyager and the 1VALET platform. When a new resident is added, 1VALET initiates the move-in process. New residents are sent email/text invitations so they can download and set up their 1VALET Resident App to book the service elevator for their move-in day. Once they’ve moved in, the full range of features becomes available to them via the app.

When a resident reaches their move-out date, their profile and building access are automatically removed from the 1CONNECT Portal database, which prevents them from using the Entry System or the Resident App to enter the building.

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4. Maintenance Ticketing


Built into the Yardi Voyager platform is a maintenance module that streamlines the management of work orders. This module tracks daily maintenance and automatically processes work orders and invoices.

In 1VALET-powered buildings, the Resident App and the 1CONNECT Portal communicate with the Yardi module. Residents can create and track maintenance requests from their 1VALET Resident App. Building operations staff can choose to manage maintenance requests either within Yardi or from the 1CONNECT Portal. Either way, work is synced between Yardi Voyager and the 1VALET BOS.


5. Parking Management


1VALET’s BOS synchronizes resident vehicle information from Yardi Voyager. Parking spots can be easily assigned to residents from the 1CONNECT Portal, centralizing parking management.

Residents can schedule guest parking, and enable entry to parking spaces via their Resident App. Once inside, guests enter their vehicle details into the Entry System located at building entry points. Every booking and arrival is captured in 1VALET’s 1CONNECT management portal.


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