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search updates 1VALET

Search Updates, Amenity Buffer Periods & Unit Transfers

  • 04/16/2024
  • 2 minute read

Welcome to another 1VALET feature update. We’re introducing search updates on the resident page, adding the ability to set a buffer period in between bookings for certain amenities, and a few more updates to help improve your 1CONNECT property management software experience.


Search Updates


When using the search feature on the resident page, a new details column will appear and any matching results will now appear bolded.

Search update 1VALET
We’ve also improved our search filters (resident info, vehicle info, etc.) to show more accurate results. Additionally, when you search using a filter such as vehicle info, clicking on the result will open up the side panel and bring you to the relevant section.

Amenity Buffer Period


You can now set a buffer period for certain amenities. Buffer periods can be useful if certain amenities require clean-up or preparation before the next resident. Residents will not be able to book the amenity for the same time as the buffer period. Management can override this and create a booking for them on the 1CONNECT Portal.
Please note that buffer periods can only be set for private meeting rooms, private party rooms, and private recreation amenities.



Unit Transfers


We have made improvements to handling of cases where a resident moves from one unit to another. Such residents can be set up to simultaneously have a Current account for the current unit, and a Future account for the unit they’ll be moving into. The resident will not need to create a new 1VALET App account for the new unit. More details can be found in our Help Center.



To learn more about how 1VALET can help you boost your property revenues and create safer, smarter communities, visit https://1valet.com/book-a-demo/